About Patient Education Connect

Who We Are

Patient Education Connect was made for one purpose: educating our patients about everything they need to know. One mistake doctors and nurses tend to make (ourselves included) is that we sometimes forget to tell our patients important things they need to know or do before and after leaving the hospital because we assume it goes without saying. However, not all patients understand how to provide the right medical care for themselves and their loved ones, so we’ve made a website featuring information they might need to know to properly care for their health.

We educate in-patients and out-patients about everything they need to know while seeking treatment. We go beyond what the doctor recommends and offer additional education on the importance of seeking the right kind of treatment. Our contributing writers also share what they know, whether it’s first aid, new developments in the medical field, or just things patients should know when seeking treatment.

Our Authors

Dr. Perry Kelso

Dr. Kelso studied to specialize in internal medicine, but figured he was much more suited as a general practitioner. He’s worked in both public and private hospitals and has seen the stark difference when it comes to health care accessibility. He cares for all his patients and has done voluntary pro-bono work for those who do not have the financial capacity to pay for consultations.

Dr. Kelso believes in holistic healing. While he recommends pharmaceutical options, he also prescribes all-natural treatments when applicable.

Jane Gweilo

A registered nurse working in the pediatrics ward of one of the largest hospitals in the West Coast for over three decades. Her skills as a nurse match her skills as a mother of three. Combined, her knowledge helps her understand pain points, remedies, first aid, and out-patient care for mothers and children.

She writes about first-aid and everything patients need to know about the hospital processes.

Dr. Dorian Turkleton

The 35-year old surgeon is breaking ground in his field as one of the rising stars of the medical community. He has performed multiple unique and often-times difficult surgeries for a wide variety of patients and has saved many lives with his hands and brain.

Outside the operating room, he writes about these operations, simplifying the process so that patients will know what happens to them during the operation. He believes in keeping patients informed and educated by helping them understand why their doctors are treating or prescribing them certain medicines.

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